Mexico Mission Update!

Hello Friends and Family,

Our time in Mexico has been a wonderful experience for the entire team. This past week we spent time in Cuauhtemoc, and upon arrival we were greeted by Reverend Esaul. We traveled for the majority of the week, going to mountain villages, visiting the natives, and going to elementary schools to visit the kids.

Among all the things that we witnessed while in Cuauhtemoc, the one thing we were most grateful for were the four teenage boys who traveled with us: Jesús, Oscar, Carlos, and Caesar. Growing up, these young men have had a hard life. They’ve lost family members, have felt as if they had no one in their life, and been influenced by others to take drugs. But, through the church and the guidance of Rev. Esaul, they were able to find a family, a father, and God. Their lives have been completely transformed by the love of Christ and His people. These boys didn’t know who we were when they met us close to 11 PM at the Chihuahua airport last Wednesday night, but by the end of the week, we had become life-long friends.

During out time there, Rev. Esaul led us and the boys to different villages across the mountains of Chihuahua to bring the Gospel to the Tarahumara people. They are the natives of this region of Mexico. They are very poor, looked down on, and often mistreated by the cartels and the government. They live in remote places in the mountains where the families struggle to have common necessities such as food, education, and medicine. Rev. Esaul cannot make trips there often. For example, one of the villages we visited he had not been to in over two years, and no other missionaries had come in at least 10 years. We also visited a school and an orphanage for the Tarahumarans where we played games with the children and taught them stories from the Bible. The teachers and students were so excited to see us and asked if we could return in future years to stay longer and help teach English as well. In the last place we visited we had communion next to a river with some Tarahumara children from one of the poorest areas. Partaking of the sacrament in the beauty of God’s creation with three different cultures represented was an amazing experience. At each location we gave candy and toys to the children, and we did our best to show them that God loves them, that He cares for them, and that they matter immensely. Rev. Esaul told us that the best place to plant seeds for the Gospel is in children, and his love for them was inspiring and contagious. It has been a blessing to be a part of his ministry here, and we fervently hope to continue to help him in coming years.

I pray that the body of Christ will be like the church we went to. That we can show love openly to everyone. If Rev. Esaul had not been faithful to God, the boys would still be lost and broken and the villages we went to would have virtually no contact with the Gospel. God’s love belongs to everyone and we cannot choose who we give it to.

We are so thankful to all the pastors and people we meet who have been faithful to the Word of God and have welcomed us with open arms. Please continue to pray for us as we only have five days left in the beautiful country of Mexico.

Dios te bendiga (God Bless You),

The Wesley Mission Team