Mexico Mission Testimony

Friends and Family,

We have been in Mexico for a week and a half, and are loving living with the church members we are serving alongside. This past weekend, our team went to the beautiful city of Saltillo. When we arrived at the bus station we were greeted by Padre Victor, Priest at the Anglican Church of the Nativity in Saltillo. During our time there, our team stayed in the homes of different families of the congregation, allowing us to be immersed in their lives while serving alongside them in their ministry. This weekend held so many miracles and chances of healing for the team. Through our host families we witnessed the unconditional love of Christ which binds families together and unites them us the Church. They did not only show this love to each other but to us as well. When we arrived they showered us with the love and affection of brothers and sisters - love that we didn’t have to work for but that was freely given. They understood that the love they have is the love of God that belongs to all nations, transcends all languages, and will never run out.

To better understand what these families meant to us, here is an entry from the journal of one of our team members, Maegan, upon leaving Saltillo:

I have cried a lot today. Mexico is such beauty. Beauty is lavished in the faces of people here who are so ready to welcome us into their hearts, their homes, their lives. I treasure the moments I spent in Saltillo. They changed my life forever. I am wearing the beautiful earrings my Tia Mary gave me. She taught me to make her ‘huevos deliciosos’ this morning. Tio Jose left early this morning. I see one of his company’s trains pass and wonder if he is the conductor. I used to say that you can’t love someone only knowing them three days. I don’t think that anymore. These strangers have become my family. They truly showed me how love crosses all borders, all races, all languages, all countries. We are bound together in the love of God. We have this bond because we came into the relationship with the intention of pouring God’s love out on each other. What if we did that with everyone? What kind of bonds would we make? Many people said today that its not ‘goodbye’, but ‘see you later’. I would go even further than that. We are never away from them. I have Jose with me every time I sing one of the songs he taught me. I have Mary with me every time I make the food she taught me to cook, or when I wear her earrings. Every time I hold a baby I will have Dante and Effi and Luna with me. But most importantly, every time we are with God we are with them because we share the Spirit of God that is within us. Every time we participate in Holy Eucharist we become one with Christ and one with each other-- one with the people of Saltillo. We are one of them. They are one of us. Por los siglos de los siglos. (Forever and Ever)

Peace be to God,

The Wesley Mission Team